Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing catch up!

Looks like I need to pay a bit more attention to my blog!

Update on us since February:

We finished the kitchen remodel. It looks awesome! Even though we have a small kitchen it feels bigger with all the new changes we made to it. It's easier to keep clean too! I'm always wiping things down, trying to keep it all looking new! We still need to finish the baseboards in the living room, which I plan to do this summer. They are all painted I just need to take off the old ones and glue the new ones in. We are going to be changing things in the living room in the next week or so and I'll probably finish them then.

The boys finished school and we are now a couple weeks into summer break. They are loving having a later bed-time and being able to play more. We're hoping our pool opens soon so we can spend some time there. Nik had his scout week long summer camp and had a blast fishing, shooting and swimming. Jaydyn has his day-camp next month and he's looking forward to it.

 Adam got a new job in AF so it's just me, the boys and Bella during the week. I have lots of time to go through all our crap and decide if I really want it! We've decided to start school full-time when the fall semester starts. Lots more work but it will help keep me occupied while Adam is at work and the boys are in school.

Nothing else new to report. We're just enjoying spending time together and enjoying the summer!

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